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Sweep n' Flip | Flipping Aggregator

An NFT marketplace aggregator with automatic flipping and hassle-free UX
Focused on UX/UI improvements, the Sweep n' Flip - Flipping Aggregator has a clean interface with a flipping centered operation, so both – experienced and new traders – can have smooth operations, without the boring single item relisting task.
Most exchanges uses complex UX/UI, with redundant steps and information. This hinders operations can increase frustration and time spent on the process. The integration with the API Reservoir, allows Sweep n' Flip users getting access to the liquidity and best prices among of all the major marketplaces, even though going through a different path.
The Flipping Aggregator aims to cut off the complexity and time consumption of NFT trades. With just a few clicks, flippers can decide how many NFTs of the chosen collection to buy, from the floor up, then set the desired profit percentage and time frame to list them.