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What is the Sweep n' Flip marketplace

NFT Flipping made simple
Created to solve some of the most crippling NFT trading problems, the Sweep n' Flip Marketplace comes with two powerful core tools designed to revolutionize the NFT market and solve some of its main problems.
The Flipping Aggregator is designed to revolutionize the process of flipping NFTs. No more complex UX/UI or time-consuming manual processes. With Sweep n' Flip, flipping NFTs is as simple as setting a target profit and watching the platform do the work for you.
The AMM for NFTs offers liquidity to price Floor NFT collections, delivering liquidity to buy or sell NFTs. The technology also issues a fungible LP Token that can be used to boosting liquidity campaigns.

Problems addressed:

  • Complex UI/UX, with redundant steps and information
  • NFT market based mostly on order books
  • High spread between NFT floor prices and best offers
  • Huge discrepancy between sell and buy orders
  • Bad experience on relisting the newly bought NFTs
  • Frustrating and time-consuming process of flipping